Video: The Balkans – Our New EU Partners?

If you didn’t happen to make it to last week’s panel discussion on the Balkans and EU Integration, you can catch a 10-minute translated highlight of the event or the full version farther down.

Under communism, Tirana’s madrasa was shut down for 25 years. It reopened in 1990.

In Albania, Madrasas Even the Secular Love

A Turkish-based Islamic movement committed to interfaith dialogue, globalization, and making money is changing the face of the country’s school system.

Aspects of Durres: The 15th-century Venetian Tower in the foreground with the new building on the site of Prince William of Wied's home behind it. The cranes of the port are visible at top right.

Ancient Durres Battles to Preserve its Past

Unchecked growth in Albania’s Adriatic port city leaves history in the construction dust.

Baba Mondi is the spiritual leader of the 3 million members of the Bektashi sect of Sufi Islam. Photo by Swiatek Wojtkowiak.

Candy from a Dervish

TIRANA | Baba Mondi foists one sweet after another upon me, as if this is his way of convincing me that Islam – or at least Sufism – is a religion of peace, and that we shouldn’t treat all Muslims as fanatics.

Let Us In, You Bastards!

Let Us In, You Bastards!

KONISPOL, Albania | The village consists of a few dozen houses picturesquely scattered across green hills. You can stay overnight in almost any of them; it costs a few euros. At any one of them you can also ask for someone to guide you across the border – as the crow flies it’s less than [...]

The End of the Concrete Mushrooms

The End of the Concrete Mushrooms

TIRANA | First, you pack old tires around the bunker and set them alight. Or you put a sack of agricultural fertilizer with a high potassium content inside it. That makes a primitive bomb, and the bunker blows up.