Deadline for citizen journalism contest: Monday, 10 December

Deadline for citizen journalism contest: Monday, 10 December

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Ethnic Albanian organizations announce demonstration; in the background a smaller item from the 'Skopje 2014' project.

Fear & Loathing in Macedonia

Today, there´s no war in Macedonia, and there hasn´t been for more than eleven years. So why do the people who fled their homes a few kilometers from the capital during the armed conflict between ethnic Albanian insurgents and government forces in 2001 still live in ‘temporary housing’? The refugees themselves and the people who today live in Aracinovo [...]

Jasna strona ciemności

Czy można sobie wyobrazić życie w kraju, gdzie przez ponad pół roku panują egipskie ciemności, a przez resztę czasu słońce udaje, że świeci? Kraju, gdzie lato to pora roku z temperaturą około 10 stopni Celsjusza. Kraju, gdzie pogoda tak determinuje życie ludzi, że nawet najpopularniejszy blog o sprawach polityczno-społecznych nazywa się The Icelandic weather report, czyli [...]

Impressions from the Field IV

Impressions from the Field IV

In my previous blog entry Impressions from the Field III, I told the story of one man who was caught on account of his smuggling business. Smuggling, I noted, is common in and around Novi Pazar, and creates jobs. I also noted that smuggling is nothing out of the ordinary. People simply buy and sell [...]

City Center of Novi Pazar

Impressions from the Field III

When 22,000 people don’t or can’t find work in a city of 120,000, as is the case in Novi Pazar, it is redundant to say that unemployment is a problem. But as for the validity of the exact unemployment number, the figure of 20,000 is certainly not 100 percent correct, as this is the “official” [...]

Picture taken from the Novi Pazar Altun-Alem Mosque minaret - looking north, toward Belgrade

Impressions from the Field II

As stated in last week’s post “Impressions from the Field”, relations among the Bosniak population of Sandžak is more tense compared to relations between Bosniaks and Serbs.

Love of Balkans

I have been asked many times why I like the Balkans, why I keep coming back, why I am fascinated with this region – a region that is far from perfect. The answer might be that despite the fact that it is far from perfect and at times everything seems wrong, it is a magical [...]

This mural was painted by one of the Urban In projects in an effort to illustrate interethnic relations.

Impressions from the Field

Judging from media reports, Novi Pazar, Sandžak’s main city, appears unstable, perhaps even dangerous. Reports often connect Novi Pazar with illegal drug trade, increased religious conservatism, high unemployment and interethnic tensions between Serbians and Bosniaks.

No Bosnians in Bosnia

No Bosnians in Bosnia

I met a woman once who had survived the concentration camps. I was in awe of her. She was old and frail, but feisty. It was hard for me to imagine such atrocities, just as it is hard for me to imagine what it was like living in Belgrade during the NATO bombings or in [...]