Video: The Balkans – Our New EU Partners?

If you didn’t happen to make it to last week’s panel discussion on the Balkans and EU Integration, you can catch a 10-minute translated highlight of the event or the full version farther down.

Srdja Popovic helped start the movement that overthrew Slobodan Milosevic by setting a turkey loose on the streets of Belgrade. Now he travels the world helping other activists.

The Exporters of Revolution

How the former student activists who toppled Yugoslav strongman Slobodan Milosevic are teaching the world’s oppressed to rise up.

Impressions from the Field IV

Impressions from the Field IV

In my previous blog entry Impressions from the Field III, I told the story of one man who was caught on account of his smuggling business. Smuggling, I noted, is common in and around Novi Pazar, and creates jobs. I also noted that smuggling is nothing out of the ordinary. People simply buy and sell [...]

City Center of Novi Pazar

Impressions from the Field III

When 22,000 people don’t or can’t find work in a city of 120,000, as is the case in Novi Pazar, it is redundant to say that unemployment is a problem. But as for the validity of the exact unemployment number, the figure of 20,000 is certainly not 100 percent correct, as this is the “official” [...]

Picture taken from the Novi Pazar Altun-Alem Mosque minaret - looking north, toward Belgrade

Impressions from the Field II

As stated in last week’s post “Impressions from the Field”, relations among the Bosniak population of Sandžak is more tense compared to relations between Bosniaks and Serbs.

Love of Balkans

I have been asked many times why I like the Balkans, why I keep coming back, why I am fascinated with this region – a region that is far from perfect. The answer might be that despite the fact that it is far from perfect and at times everything seems wrong, it is a magical [...]

This mural was painted by one of the Urban In projects in an effort to illustrate interethnic relations.

Impressions from the Field

Judging from media reports, Novi Pazar, Sandžak’s main city, appears unstable, perhaps even dangerous. Reports often connect Novi Pazar with illegal drug trade, increased religious conservatism, high unemployment and interethnic tensions between Serbians and Bosniaks.

The Fifth Attempt

The Fifth Attempt

After four failed bids, one-time nationalist stalwart Tomislav Nikolic is finally Serbia’s president. Perhaps the biggest concern accompanying Tomislav Nikolic’s election as Serbia’s president is his unreadability. The nationalist politician who said five years ago that he would rather see Serbia become a Russian province than a European Union member assured the West during the recent campaign [...]

Serbia After the Elections: A View from Three Regions

Serbia After the Elections: A View from Three Regions

Elections held on 6 May appear to have confirmed Serbia’s aim of joining the European Union, despite the victory of the Serbian Progressive Party. While the new government will be led by the Progressives, a four-year-old offshoot of the anti-EU Serbian Radical Party, the victors have positioned themselves as center-rightists and formed a coalition with [...]

Ako sa žije Slovákom v Srbsku

Rozhovor so starosom Báčskeho Petrovca na severe Srbska o živote Slovákov vo Vojvodine.