Kardesler village in Zonguldak: tea rooms reflected in a portrait of the Father of Turks, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

Turkey Without Europe

It’s like an unrequited relationship. If one is fond of someone for a long time and he or she remains uninterested but doesn’t say so, it ends badly. After half a century of “flattery,” Turkey is losing patience with Europe, to which it wanted to belong. What will we lose when this happens? What do [...]

A war memorial in Vukovar

Vukowar and peace

Croatia is to join the EU in mid-2013 as the only new member state for a long time to come. So what‘s the atmosphere like on the streets of one of the favorite holiday destination of many Slovaks? And what do the people of Vukovar, the city on the border between Croatia Serbia that 21 years ago went through a Stalingrad-like hellish siege of 87 days, think about Europe?

Hot springs in Iceland

Geothermal developments in Iceland: What the pipes let through

Around a hundred million tons of carbon dioxide get into the atmosphere of Reykjavík through its heating that is based on hot water bursting out of ground sources. This fact made Icelanders wonder what to do with the surplus energy.

“The tension in the Western Balkans will persist for a long time”

“The tension in the Western Balkans will persist for a long time”

An interview with Mladen Ivanic, the vice president of the federal parliament in Bosnia-Herzegovina

What has the crisis done for me?

What has the crisis done for me?

“Thanks to the crisis, I came to appreciate my father,” says an unemployed Viking. “I issue fewer fines,” admits a policewoman. “I finally have time for my family,” says a smiling businessman. “Thanks to the crisis we are real Islanders again,” agrees a doctor.

The Konik camp, inhabited primarily by Roma refugees from the war in Kosovo, is where schools mediator Elvis Berisa makes his rounds. Photo by Balsa Rakcevic.

Speaking Their Language

A pilot program in Montenegro reaches out to Roma parents, in their own tongue, to bring home the importance of keeping kids in school.

Mihailo Jovovic

Death Threats and Deadlines

The perils of being a journalist in the Balkans’ “quiet” country.

During the nut harvest, weddings and vacations are cancelled and some restaurants close down in Ordu, because every hand is sorely needed.

Three Tons of Nuts for Cinderella

Three-fourths of all the hazelnuts in the world are grown in Turkey. Here, the roasted kernels are purchased by the large producers who also supply Czech supermarkets with their confectionery. A lesser known fact is that children as young as eight are among the nut pickers, and that they live in conditions reminiscent of medieval encampments. Thankfully, as a result of international pressure, their predicament has been slowly getting better.

A Macedonian army reservists tank crew at the battle for the village of Aracinovo. Photo by Military Journal/Wikimedia Commons.

Macedonia’s Cooling-Off Period

The country tries again to devise a single history curriculum for its different ethnicities, but one subject remains too hot to handle.

Cultural Differences and Minority Rights in Turkey

Cultural Differences and Minority Rights in Turkey

Part 3 in a series on Turkey: Religion and Nationalism vs. Secularism and Multiculturalism