Kardesler village in Zonguldak: tea rooms reflected in a portrait of the Father of Turks, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

Turkey Without Europe

It’s like an unrequited relationship. If one is fond of someone for a long time and he or she remains uninterested but doesn’t say so, it ends badly. After half a century of “flattery,” Turkey is losing patience with Europe, to which it wanted to belong. What will we lose when this happens? What do [...]

During the nut harvest, weddings and vacations are cancelled and some restaurants close down in Ordu, because every hand is sorely needed.

Three Tons of Nuts for Cinderella

Three-fourths of all the hazelnuts in the world are grown in Turkey. Here, the roasted kernels are purchased by the large producers who also supply Czech supermarkets with their confectionery. A lesser known fact is that children as young as eight are among the nut pickers, and that they live in conditions reminiscent of medieval encampments. Thankfully, as a result of international pressure, their predicament has been slowly getting better.

Cultural Differences and Minority Rights in Turkey

Cultural Differences and Minority Rights in Turkey

Part 3 in a series on Turkey: Religion and Nationalism vs. Secularism and Multiculturalism

The ever-bustling Istiklal pedestrian street.

Turkey and the EU: Between hope and disillusion

Turkish society benefits more from the preparations for joining the European Union than it would from membership itself. The EU needs a prosperous Turkey more than Turkey needs the Union. In Istanbul, you often hear such views expressing both hope and disillusion in potential EU membership.

Turkey: Where tradition and technology flourish

Turkey: Where tradition and technology flourish

Part 1 in a series on Turkey: Technological revolution and digital literacy Turkey is a predominantly Muslim country of 75 million with a 7 percent annual economic growth. Its inhabitants consider themselves to be a part of Europe and past surveys have shown that a majority of people want to belong to the European Union. [...]