Be a Citizen Journalist and Win a Prize!

Will you travel to Croatia, Albania, Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Turkey, Iceland or Montenegro this year? If so, you will sure have a good story to tell. Why not share it? Perhaps you will video an interesting conversation with locals? Or you will take a series of pictures of a fascinating aspect of local life? Better still, you will wish to elaborate on your videos and pictures by writing up your observations and impressions so that your piece engages with our users at a number of levels? A topic from any walk of life could be suitable as long as it tells something interesting—good or bad— about the country you visited. Your piece can be in Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Slovak or English.

We will review your contribution and publish it immediately at this website. We will then disseminate it widely through our partners’ publications. Come December 2012, the project coordinators will chose the best three pieces, whose authors will receive prizes. The first prize will be a professional audio-visual kit worth EUR 1,600. The second prize will be a camcorder worth EUR 700 and the third prize an audio recorder worth EUR 200.

Please, follow this link to register and submit your piece through our WordPress platform. Be sure to include your full name, working email, and country of origin in your personal profile. For help in posting please refer to WordPress’s posting instructions.